UX Trends for 2017 and on

User Experience (UX) is not a fad like “I gotta have the latest iPhone”. It’s not a trend to keep up with. Trends fade in time but UX as a discipline is timeless. It’s something we need to practice to create better products. Products can be trendy but without a good UX that trend isn’t gonna last either.

This is why I personally don’t like using “UX” and “Trend” in the same sentence. So let’s focus on what’s good practice to build great products.

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UX is how your product/service makes people feel when they’re using it. Your customers are frustrated? You probably have a bad product experience. You make a user feel joy or cared? You’re very likely to sell again. And that’s what businesses care about. Therefore UX is a process for crafting meaningful products and services so that people come back and buy again, and not just products but any type of behavior you want users to repeat.

UX therefore has no expiration date and it probably doesn’t have a specific start date either. Check out Nielsen Norman Group if you wanna get technical about it but I’d like to assume that UX has been around for as long as we humans have been exchanging products/services, even before money. Bottomline, it’s not a trend that fades in time, it’s a process and it’s ongoing.

Here’s a list of UX characteristics to master when designing a digital product or service. Incorporate them in your designs and you’re likely to sell more, get more traffic, gain more leads, basically get more of whatever growth metric you have.

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