A look inside Airbnb’s gorgeous San Francisco Headquarters

Recently I had the chance to take a tour at Airbnb’s San Francisco Headquarters. Thanks to our friends at Airbnb we had a great time at the office and saw some really cool stuff. It’s hard to deliver the experience in writing but below are the main highlights of the tour.

888 Brannan St. is a great campus hosting several tech companies including Airbnb, Concur, Pinterest and more. We started our tour with the kitchen and it was amazing. I’ve seen a bunch of tech offices but these guys have it all figured out. If you’re in tech and into gourmet stuff Airbnb is the right place for you.

The foyer looks like a huge playground with lots of cool details; artworks, whiteboards, work desks, and more. Very spacious, very inspiring.

888 Brannan St. is home to several tech companies including Airbnb, Pinterest, Concur and more.

All meeting rooms and sitting areas are designed based on listings available on Airbnb. One of them even decorated to simulate the founder’s original living room.

The front desk looks like somebody’s living room, and it probably is. Sit back, and enjoy your coffee while waiting.

Office culture is pretty much wide open. People can work and meet everywhere; on balconies, hallways, kitchens, mushroom shaped cabins or igloos.

Top-right image is a room modeled from a cabin in Aptos, California

From what we observed, the company culture, teams, interior design pretty much everything is built around sharing and collaboration.

There are several models around the office showing some of the most interesting listings available for booking including a water tower, an igloo or a chateau.

When you walk in a tech campus in Silicon Valley you get a similar look and feel that almost yells “employees first”. This integrated culture allows workers to enjoy an open collaborative environment where everyone works to make everyone else’s life easier.

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